About Us


Make the availability of our warranty backed products in all the cities across the length and breadth of the country so that one and all can benefit from our premium products.


To provide our customers with a high quality products reasonably priced and be the pioneer in organizing the industry


Assured good and prompt service and quality products.

Our Beliefs

  • Customer Engagement: We exist to add joy to our customers’ lives – when they interact with us and when they interact with our products
  • Customer Joy: Each and every person in the company should understand how his or her work contributes to the creation of joyful customer moments.
  • Respect: We owe to each other, irrespective of role or position, the same level of respect and caring as we would show to a valued friend.
  • Teamwork: We have a responsibility to create an environment where each individual is inspired to perform to the best of his or her ability.
  • Passion: Passion, creativity and innovation are the keys to sustainable growth and profitability. Each individual working at Plati India should reflect this in his or her work. Our role, as a company, is to encourage and reward the demonstration of these attributes.